What is a good bodyfat % and what is a good weight?

Why are you letting someone else dictate this for you more to the point.

I hear this so often that I'm annoyed with it.

"Such n such told me I needed to be 17% bodyfat"
"Weight watchers told me this was my goal weight"
"The Doctor told me I need to be ...."

Why are you letting someone else tell you what your goal is? Why are you letting someone else OWN you and your body.

Lets get this straightened out right now ladies.

  • At 25-31% you are considered an acceptable level of body fat.
  • 21-24% you are considered in the fitness range
  • 14-20% you are a considered athletic
  • 10-12% you have ESSENTIAL FAT.

You will lose your menstrual cycle when your body fat levels drop below what YOUR BODY wants them to be. I don't give a rats ass if someone tells you that your bf% shouldn't have caused that. They are LYING to you. My menstrual cycle stops when I get to around 24% ... not low by any means, but low for ME.

Now, are you an athlete? Are you a bodybuilder? Are you a fitness model? No? Great, get off this page nothing concerns you here.

If you are 25-31% body fat you are perfectly fine.

What you need to ask yourself is what do you want out of your body? Do you want to wear clothing off the rack? Do you want to run better? Do you just want to be pain free? Do you want to just love yourself a little more? What is it that your weight loss actually REPRESENTS?
Same with weight watchers. Same with the doctor.

My BMI is at the very top of the healthy range. I'm nearly overweight
My BF% is obese

Yet, I am healthier than 99% of you. I have no pain, my hair doesn't fall out, I sleep very well, I poop daily, I don't have PMT, I don't have painful periods, I don't have PCOS, depression, endo, migraines or any other poor health condition. I don't take any medication for anything, I don't have serious food cravings, bloating or reflux, I have great skin and energy. I wear size 10 clothing off the rack and am always receiving nice comments about my body. I'm happy, well and I can look in the mirror and like myself.  

But I'm 30%+ bodyfat.  Shock horror.

But don't forget, I also came from a 26 year history of B.E.D and poor health and depression, so I wasn't gifted with amazing genetics or good 'luck' in any way shape or form.  I was even born with a congenital birth defect.  So, nope, no lucky genes here.

Yet an upstart nutritionist or PT or Doctor would tell me to lose weight.

And they're telling you too also, when they shouldn't be.


I just described it. A balanced body has enough fat to menstruate.
It is free of symptoms, it functions in a balanced way and has energy.
You might think that visible muscles are the pinnacle, but they're not. At no point in HISTORY have women ever been ripped as 'the norm'. These are bodies that have been pushed OUT OF BALANCE to achieve this look.

Some people are genetically gifted to have these bodies. But most of us aren't. The ones who genetically can have these bodies would have had these types of physiques as kids. MassBrah on facebook is a great example. Pete Hunt here in Hamilton is another. There are a few women around in Hamilton who are also.

What you are chasing is someone ELSE'S idea of what your goal is.
What I want to know is WHAT IS YOUR GOAL?
Are you ready to OWN IT and stop handing away your power?

If it is to be 80kg / size 14 instead of 100kg / size 18 ... that is a valid goal. DO NOT let anyone tell you what your goal is.

This is YOUR LIFE other people are dicing with. Are you going to take a stand or are you going to let them dictate what you should look like?

There is no right or wrong body weight goal, only the goal that is right for you.