What is your health worth?

We need to know what things cost, otherwise we can't budget right?

So we go ahead and ask our health professionals what the cost is going to be, but do we ever ask what we will achieve with that cost? If you look at cost in isolation then you're not getting the full story. Sure, that personal trainer might be $20 cheaper than the other one - but what are their skills, their knowledge, their experience? We don't seem to hesitate to spend $50 for 15 minutes with our Doctor, yet we're not happy to spend $200 on a practitioner who might spend an entire hour with us and perhaps solve that issue that no one else could.

I see a lot of clients who have gone from doctor, to specialist, to doctor, to naturopath, to doctor for the same condition... For what cost, and what benefit? We pop hundreds of dollars worth of supplements and health products because some guy on TV told us it was the best from an ad written by a bunch of creatives who may not have ever seen the inside of a pair of sports shoes. We spend hundreds on exercise equipment searching in vain for a quick fix to all our problems, only to have it collecting dust 2 months later.

I challenge you to add up the cost of your health and fitness efforts from the last 12 months. Now assess the benefits. Did you get the results you paid for? Are the supplements you're taking improving the condition you started taking them for? Does the cost/benefit meet your expectation? Do you even have an expectation?

Now, I'm not saying ditch your Doctor. We need our doctors, surgeons and specialists.  We also need our naturopaths, homeopaths and herbalists. But you need to start taking a stand with your body. What outcome do you want and who is going to help? Are you going to spend $200 on supplements this month or are you going to save that money and spend $200 on other options?

I urge you all to ask your chosen health professional what you will get for the money you pay. And if budget is as much of a concern as results, then don't see your cheap PT for 60 minutes a week - see a good PT for half an hour a week, or 60 minutes fortnightly.  You have the choice, and the choices are out there. Take a stand, what is it you want to achieve?  Don't settle for second best - you're worth more than that.