Why I Don't Eat Bagged Veges Anymore

I’ll admit. I got a bit lazy. I started buying salads in bags so I could avoid chopping veges.

But something just didn’t feel right. How did those veges stay fresh in there? And was it something I wanted in my body.

I had been having a few digestive disturbances. I can’t put it down to the bagged veges. All I can say, is I was eating a lot of it.

So I did some research and I found a great write up from Healthy Food Guide.

Here’s what your bagged salad (and other veges) have in them.

First, they’re given a chlorine wash. This is to kill bacteria. 
Then, they’re added to air adjusted bags. This means the nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen ratios are changed. It makes it less like air. Because air = decomposition.

And here are the health downfalls.

  • Chlorine is antibacterial and can kill the bacteria in your gut. We need to keep our gut bacteria in balance for health and weight control.
  • The air adjustment makes the food quickly lose nutrients and antioxidants. It becomes a food without life force.

And so this week. I got over my lazy-ass self and bought better veges.

But it blew me away how many things are in plastic packages! I went to Countdown and literally could NOT buy silverbeet, kale, spinach, pak choy unless I wanted some health depleting plastic with it.

I had never really paid 100% attention before. Have a look at the pictures below.

Back to the farmers market for me! (Not quite sure why I stopped)


Click Here for Healthy Food Guide Explanation