Willpower - will it help you lose weight?

When it comes to weight loss success there is one thing you can guarantee, that when the going gets tough, the tough have willpower and the rest of us normal folk will probably just give in. 

Willpower is defined as an "unwaivering strength of will to carry out one's wishes", and is also known as self-control.  Lets face it though, when PMT strikes or our bosses are stressing us out, even the strong can crumble at a heap in front of a packet of Tim Tams.  Willpower assumes that mental determination alone will create success.

There are two far more powerful words which will help you, these are 'desire' and 'passion'. 

The difference between willpower and desire/passion is that willpower is a very mental, thought based process, wheras passion and desire are emotional and fire up different parts of the brain which drive our subconscious desire to eat.  Desire is defined as a stronger word for want and passion is defined as any great powerful emotion.  Both feelings will conjure up determination and connect you to the goal at hand (weight loss). Weight loss is an emotional journey, we don't just wake up and say "I THINK I'd like to lose weight", we often say "I FEEL really uncomfortable, and self conscious, I'd like to lose weight". 

So for starters the thing that drives us to start our weight loss journey is emotional.  When we lose our first 10kg, we FEEL happy...some of us even cry about it, an emotional release for something that is very passionate to us.  When we 'fall of the wagon' it's commonly because we ate out of emotion or we FELT tired and didn't want to exercise.  When we tell ourselves "No I won't eat that chocolate bar" we can either FEEL empowered over the choice or we FEEL upset, sulky and angry that we can't have it.  None of these are willpower driven, they are all emotional "feeling" responses.

So you can see that weight loss is emotional and the more emotional you make it, the more successful you will be. So how do we harness passion and desire to our benefit.  Firstly we need to know the answers to the following questions:  Why did I decide to lose weight?  How does this extra weight make me feel now, how will I feel when I lose it?  How will I feel if I don't lose the weight?  How strong is my desire, is it 1/10 or am I sitting at a strong 10/10?  What else have I been passionate in life about, can I draw on that experience in this instance?  What is more important, the feelings I have for my weight loss, or the feelings I have for my cake? 

There are many other questions, and you need to keep asking them daily and be aware of when the answer changes. There is nothing wrong with a negative emotion driving you - if you want to lose weight because you want to stick it to your rake thin sister who you FEEL inferior to...then embrace this, it has a feeling and a very strong emotion.

The second thing to do is to feed the subconscious with your desire and passion.

This includes things like diaries and focus walls.  Write down your reasons and feelings for weight loss and keep coming back to them to remind yourself.  Cut out pictures and motivational words and stick them on a focus wall or in your diary - your subconscious LOVES images and will use these images to keep you motivated when the going gets tough. 

Once you start losing weight try not to focus on your before photo, your subconscious will keep visualising this - better to have a photo of you at a time when you looked and felt fab.  The Winners Bible is a fantastic book which helps draw on the things which sit deep inside us, it's not a weight loss book, but it should be. Lose your willpower and find your emotional drive, best wishes for your 2010 weight loss.