Withdrawl of Reductil

Weight Loss Drug Removed From Sale Where to Now For Obese New Zealanders? sourced from Press Release The October 11th 2010 withdrawal of Reductil, a widely promoted weight loss pill containing sibutramine is a reminder to us all that if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

When sibutramine was introduced it was to the delight of many, promising an effective treatment for overweight and obese patients. The idea of an easy ‘cure’ seemed to make sense; diseases related to obesity and inactivity including heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes cause personal suffering and a huge burden on our already stretched healthcare system. However, overseas concerns at the potential side effects of the drug on those with a history of cardiovascular disease led to a study by European regulatory bodies.

The preliminary results of this study showed that medications containing sibutramine raised the risk of heart attacks and strokes and subsequently the sale of these medicines were suspended in many countries. It turns out that this is a case where ‘the cure’ can be as life threatening as ‘the cause’.

Many of the more serious side effects of taking Reductil (in New Zealand Reductil is the brand name for the drug containing sibrutramine) are the same as the side effects of being very overweight. It is good news for New Zealanders that after a review of the overseas research it has been decided that the risks outweighed the benefits of taking this medication. “After an extensive review by MARC (the Medicines Adverse Reaction Committee) and Medsafe, we have concluded that the risks of using sibutramine outweigh any benefit from the very modest weight loss observed when using the medicine,” Medsafe’s Principal Clinical Advisor Dr Enver Yousuf said.

So where to now for those who had been taking Reductil in the hope that it would positively contribute to their health and weight loss efforts? Are they doomed to a shorter life unless another ‘cure’ is offered in the form of a newer, and hopefully safer drug? It turns out there are a couple of other options that work more effectively to combat obesity and the range of diseases associated with it. You don’t need a prescription, you don’t have to spend lots of money and you don’t even need to wait until you are a high risk patient, as these options work as well to help prevent obesity as well as help cure it.

Eating a moderate, well balanced diet and exercising regularly has been shown to help maintain a healthy weight and prevent a range of lifestyle related diseases and best of all‐ with advice and assistance from a REPs Registered Exercise Professional the results are going to be better than those you could have got from just taking Reductil AND without it’s dramatic side effects.

For those people that are worried about their weight, or that of someone they care about, take the time to talk with a professional about making some changes to health nd lifestyle. Make sure you talk to your local REPs registered fitness professional, as improvements to your health don’t need to come in a pill.