You ARE actually undereating.

You know what's funny, I've never in my entire life had a client tell me that they were permanently hungry on my food plans.  In fact this is what I hear every week:

  • "This is too much food" 
  • "I just measured [insert food] and its HEAPS" 
  • "I can't eat that much" 

The reason why you are struggling is because somehow, somewhere, someone taught you how to under eat.  These people are the culprits: 

  • Bodybuilders.  You see these amazing physiques and you hear the stories of "clean eating" and "just tough it out" and low fat this, low carb that, diet this, portion that and all the shit that goes along with people who have no business doing a bodybuilding competition.  The ones who REALLY know what they're doing actually eat 3-4x the amount of food that you do.   So you started under eating because you saw some dumb ass without a clue do it.
  • My industry.  Many year ago, my industry taught you to not eat fat, then we taught you to not eat carbs, then we told you to reduce your portions.  But instead of being sensible about all this you went extreme because my industry didn't teach you properly.  You did not lose weight in the past because those diets were any good, they all had one thing in common - very low calories.  And now, how is that workin for ya?  There are still people in my industry handing out starvation diets.  Sureslim, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Out of all the people who have seen me who did Sureslim in the past, only ONE managed to keep their weight off.  Everyone else gained it back with interest.
  • The internet.  Someone told me that Myfitnesspal tells you how many calories to eat and it encourages you to eat 1200cals.  I don't know, as I don't waste my time with apps and I sure as hell don't waste my time getting food advice from some blogger with no qualifications who lost weight starving themselves.   What I do know is that we have been brainwashed into thinking that 1200 calories is the magic number.  It's not, and it never has been - you've all been tricked into thinking it is.
  • Your friends/family/workmates.  You watched them starve themselves and lose weight, and you thought - I can do that too. 
  • You.  Yeah, you are responsible for some of this.  If you have smashed your metabolism through life with endless stress, dieting, over exercising, busy-ness, then you may be experiencing a sluggish metabolism and slow or poor digestion.  So, to eat the food, you need to re-balance the body's systems so it can handle a NORMAL amount of food.

The average female burns around 2000 calories a day.   Has it sunk in yet that the calories in / calories out equation is flawed?  You eat 1200 cals and you burn 2000...then you exercise another 500cals...but you don't lose weight.  Can you STOP right now, you are fighting a battle you are NEVER going to win if you continue to think like this.

For goodness sake (yes I am pretty frustrated with all of this) You need to eat food.  What on earth do you think your body runs off?  Sunshine and Unicorn farts?  Where do you think you get all your micro-nutrients from?  You sure as hell don't get them from your single piece of marmite and toast, piece of fruit, salad sandwich and that tiny stirfry you make yourself.

The reason why good food feels like so much food is because it is NUTRIENT dense instead of ENERGY dense.  Energy dense food takes up less room in the stomach.  Nutrient dense foods are fibrous, bulky, full of water and slow digestion.

I spent years eating around 1200cal mark...I now eat between 1700 - 2200 calories and guess what, my weight didn't change.  I know how hard it is to eat all those calories, my mind still boggles over it.  But I've worked with enough clients to know that this is not an excuse to under-eat. 

Oh and BTW, One of my industry talked about how a day long fast will slow your metabolism and put you in starvation mode.  This is a load of rubbish.  If you're eating a good amount of calories, a fast may actually enhance your results.

Now, could we all stop getting advice from those who have no idea.  Contact me if your starvation diet isn't working for you.