BodyFit Bootcamp is a group for women of low to medium fitness to get fit and get in shape (whatever shape you want that to be!). It's girls only and is a great way to learn different exercise, and get ya' sweat on in a friendly group. Here are the details (and keep reading to see if you're a suitable candidate)

  • DAYS AND TIMES:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday -  6am - 7am
  • TERM LENGTH: 6-weeks
  • NEXT START DATE: January 2017
  • PRICE: $180 for the term
  • GROUP SIZE: Minimum numbers 15 / max 25.
  • RAIN? Yes we still train. Dress accordingly.


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How This Bootcamp Works.

WEEK ONE... SESSION #1 & 2. We start with key technique principles. Why? well, I dunno about you - but having ridiculously sore thighs for 8-weeks because you're not squatting properly ain't fun. Plus, it reduces the chance of injury. That sets us up for SESSION #3 which will be your fitness test.

WEEKS #2 - #5 ... You'll be given a mixture of resistance training, interval training and circuit style workouts (don't worry, no handstand pushups!). I will be asking you to do your absolute best at the level of fitness you're at. And I'll ALWAYS have a modified exercise at the ready if there is something you're struggling with.

WEEK SIX... Business as usual + we'll check back in on your fitness with your end fitness test AND finish off with a bang with a fun prize day on the final day. Everyone Wins!

This is NOT The Biggest Loser. And We're Not Tyre Flipping. This is BodyFit.

I train you according to practical, functional movement principles. If you're looking for Crossfit, Military Style workouts, go somewhere else. And if you're looking for a place to fuck around and complain about every little thing - don't bother registering.

This Is Not Suitable For You If...

... 1) You have the following injuries / restrictions.

We can modify some exercises, but this is not rehab-camp. Your mind may be saying yes, but if your body says no then please listen to it. I won't take the following clients:

  • Neck injuries / issues
  • Migraines aggravated by exercise
  • Arthritis
  • Those with unmanaged calf muscle issues / tightness (including shins)
  • Knee issues. We do a lot of things that use the knees, you won't find this suitable

The typical age range is 20 - 35 year olds. But all ages are welcome. I just wanted to let you know who typically comes to these things so you know what to expect. Also, please read the above injury list to see if this is right for you. I am not responsible for you pulling out half way through because you didn't read that list properly.

... 2) You're not an action taker

Goes without saying right? If you show up and complain or refuse to do what the rest of the group is doing, whats the point? I'll remind you again - I have hundreds of exercise modifications if something is too hard, we can modify it instead of just flat out refusing to do it. Don't be difficult, just ask for help. Easy.

... 3) You're not into the group vibe

I like my groups casual, and able to handle a bit of profanity. (and see point #2 again - if you're a complainer or a refuser, this goes against group vibe)

This IS for you...

If you're ready to improve your fitness, lose some weight and tone up.

Even if you're nervous as hell and worried that you'll be the least fit person there. (spoiler alert... you're not, someone else is less fit).


"Bootcamp without the biggest looser' mentality, but still gets results!! A lady with a shit load of logical and holistic info, Stacey is your lady!! - Shannon G.
"I appreciate Stacey’s no nonsense approach to exercise and life.  Boot Camp although challenging was such a fun way to start gaining my enjoyment for exercise.   I started boot camp to get out and do a bit of exercise after an operation.   During the six weeks I have found a new spark for life and my energy levels have just soared.  Every day and week I achieved new levels of fitness – however it’s the strength of mind that has been greater than the physical strength I have gained. ... P.S – I didn’t imagine I’d feel this good.  Look so forward to working with you till the end of the year." - Jackie K.
"I attended Stacey’s merry Christmas boot camp daily for 5 weeks, it was never repetitive and the time always flew, as Stacey is inventive, educational and full of enthusiasm for the way the human body works. Stacey is amazing, even in a group situation she created individual connections with clients finding goals and motivational keys and using these to push us for great results! Through the knowledge and assistance Stacey has given me I have lost 4.5kg in 5 weeks, I have noticed and toned muscles in the typical problematic areas, (stomach, thighs, arms and buttocks), as well as finding a few new muscles. I am a lot fitter, stronger and HAPPIER!" - Stef

"Boot camp with Stacey has been the most fun i've had doing exercise in a long time. Boot camp is for those you are unfit and want to get stronger/fitter. Stacey's workouts are tough but challenging, fun and varied; you will never be bored! I'm still the slowest on the running (i'm not a runner) but i was continuously praised for having perfect form through out every exercise, and this has made me stronger! A boot camp with Stacey is the way to go. Thanks for the great time and showing me that being the slowest means i am doing everything correctly and not sacrificing my wanted outcomes - Cheers." Kerrin.