Stopped Binging... and Found Life.

Check out this story from Daina. She completed my BE Free (Binge & Emotional Eating) program in 2015. This email explains EXACTLY how much it changed her life.


hey Stacey!!!

hello long time no see:)

 i don’t know if this is the right email to contact you at but ill give it ago;)

im not sure if you remember but i did your  be free course a year ago.. 

and guess what… it changed my life massively

i really took it seriously because of the world of pain i was living in and now a year later i can truely say i am free of binge eating.

I honestly can’t binge eat any more something happened like the penny dropped when i started to consciously look at and own my actions.. and then with your guidance which was firm yet gentle enough to be encouraging my bad habits one by one dropped off because it was no longer a mechanical reaction i was really consciously choosing to binge and had a choice.

first thing that happened was i stopped binging. But my eating habits weren’t great and my digestion was awful… i went to a naturopath and got herbs and caring advice however i was advised to do detoxes,,, which made me put weight on immediately after because of the already poor condition my digestion was in. 

i gave up spending money on getting help from professionals and started working agin on my self my feelings and what my body was telling me.

I felt good about myself ( you have a great personality,,,lol) but i had given up a little on my body and still having knee issues from my surgery  and now back problems too felt like i would never get my fitness back and would have to suck it up and be one of the big girls.

then magically one day i met a girl through work who does body building comps and she asked if i wanted to go to the gym with her after work i was totally stoked and said yes cos i have always been physically active and wanted to get my life back, i was stoked because i was starting to feel like the  “ I’m getting old and fat” mentality didn’t really suit me with all my positivity and yoga and healthy living ideals.

at the start i felt like i had been hit by a bus every day after training … but the inner light had lit up again and i could feel that i just had to keep going.

now 3 months later i do weights 3 times a week and hiit 2 times and happily write a food diary that is for me ….. i haven’t stepped on the scales in ages cos i don’t care what they say because now i can run upstairs my arms feel strong and i have less back pain and my metabolism is on the recovery and i digest easily and comfortably and i have star of energy for the day now.

i don’t worry about calories because of what i learnt in your program about being malnourished and binging. i don’t have the issues of binging because i don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything because now i eat what makes me feel good:) i.e. sugar makes me feel tired… also i eat meat now… no more vego diet …lol which also helps and i have far less cravings.

i really believe i couldn’t have come to this point without your course I learnt sooo much that i really believe every one should know i see so many people suffering from mood and metabolism and lack of understanding of how to nourish them selves.

 you are doing a wonderfull thing for people

I am now a chef at a restaurant called “Feast of Merrit” which is owned by a charity called YGAP working for education in poverty, i also teach kundalini yoga and am a gym rat in my spare time… i have a boyfriend and a cat and am planning on traveling to europe next year.

a far cry from the girl you met who could barely keep my eyes open fro more than 5 hours and would eat a bag of lollies and a block of chocolate and a giant cheesey loaf of bread and feel soo bloated and ashamed i would just hide in my room and run up a mountain in a cloud of depression only to go home to do it again,,

wow that feels like forever ago.

Thank you if i hadn’t seen your program and done it i really think i might still be stuck there

your program is different;)

and i have the deepest gratitude for all your hard work you put into it.

and i know you will continue to help many after me 

but really thank you

and may the odds be ever in your favour


from daina

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