From Getting Real To Getting Started

In my last post, I talked about why I had decided to embark on a Paleovegan journey.

I'm not trying to be fashionable. I'm not trying to be an influencer. I'm not trying to get abs, or get in shape for a random event (only to get fat again). None of that. They are actual proper health reasons, none of which, have anything to do with being superficial.

I asked myself the question. What would life look like, if this is left to continue? What would life be like if my arteries WERE actually hardening, creating my poor circulation. What would happen if I ignored that warning sign from my body?

So, I hand that question over to you.

Maybe you know you should be doing something, but you're not. Maybe you also have some warning signs from your body? Maybe you're conveniently ignoring something. 

What will life look like if you let that continue?

That's the question you need to ask yourself before you even get started. You need to get real. I needed to get real. I already eat healthy, don't you worry about that - but I was kidding myself. I was doing the bare minimum. What would life look like if I kept doing the bare minimum?

Making change can be hard. I know that. But having a heart attack is harder. 

What you do now affects your Future Self.

I had Binge Eating Disorder for 26 years. Since the age of 6/7 years old. That's a long time. I'm not anymore. But what I did for those 26 years created a future self who now has endless gut and digestion issues. You can't binge eat for that long and NOT damage your stomach. You just can't. So my future self (which is my present self) has to deal with that.

But I'll be damned if I create shit for any more of my future self.

If you're going to have the body and happiness you want. You need to get real. It's not a 12 week program. It's not a goddam bodybuilding contest. It's not a wedding day. This is your life. And it's ending one day at a time.

I'm getting real.

Are you?

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