Welcome to The #paleovegan Project

It's my 40th Birthday tomorrow. Not that you can tell ;)

Now, I don't have a problem with getting older, but I did want to do something a little different to mark this point in my life. 

The 40's are the beginning of that time of life where Doctors try to tell you that you're "getting old" and you really should watch your [insert thing you should watch here]. Usually I don't buy into that shit. I firmly believe how you look after your body will determine what age you'll end up [insert horrible thing here].

But a couple of years ago, I got sick. Out of the blue, I went from flying on full energy - mental, emotional and physical... to crashing. My entire soul became a shell. There seemed to be no logical reason. Originally it seemed like Glandular Fever, but it could have been toxoplasmosis. It could have also been a total mental/emotional crisis. I had just done 6 months of intense mentoring and levelling up. And some part of me thinks that every cell in my body was trying to catch up.

Anyway. Long story short - my body hasn't quite been the same since. I ended up with reflux (which has improved a lot now), and my cholesterol ended up much higher than it ever has.

And now I'm turning 40.

And I'm 100% determined to reach 50 in pristine condition. 

So, here we are ... The #paleovegan Project.

Why Paleovegan?

Why not paleo Stace? Or Vegan? Or why not just a clean diet?

I'm glad you asked. There is quite an important reason. A couple actually.

Just last weekend I ended up with some sort of tummy bug, or food poisoning. I'm not sure which. Now, simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea I can handle. But what was frightening was how low my blood pressure got. Any lower, and my body would have really struggled to get oxygen to my organs. It took almost 2 days to get it back to normal.

But my normal, is low to start with. In fact, I have to drink salt in my water to keep it at 120/80. That's fine with me. But what I'm not fine with, is randomly dying in the night because my BP can't sort it's shit out.

I also have poor circulation. Always have. But it seems to be getting worse.

Combine poor circulation with low BP... and a random tummy bug - and you're basically not getting enough oxygen for life.

So, during the week, I was working at a snails pace. I had deadlines to meet, but my brain was not juicing up. I also had funny kinda semi numb arms. And I'm not really dealing with animal fats, or protein very well.

So, Paleovegan for me is about a few things:

  1. Honouring my body's wisdom. It doesn't want animal fat. It doesn't want meat.
  2. Sorting out my circulation problems. We have a history of heart disease in our family - so I'm pretty keen to avoid a heart attack if I can.
  3. Honouring my blood type. I am A-, this means I'm supposed to be eating a largely plant based diet.
  4. Honouring my ancestral type. I'm 3.1% Neanderthal (Ugg), but I am of scandinavian descent. We ate plants and fish.
  5. Honouring my metabolic type. My body does fine on carbs, in fact, it seems to thrive when my ratio of carbs to fats is higher.

I already eat clean. So following a clean eating diet is a bit pointless. I've already done high fat/high meat paleo in the past, like I said - my body doesn't want it now. It hasn't really wanted it for a very long time. To improve circulation via diet, I need to manage the health of my arteries. And that means a high fibre, high antioxidant diet.

And why not just vegan?

I don't digest beans so well, and too many grains make me constipated.

So, I thought long and hard about it to decide on the right diet for me to work with.

I encourage you to do the same. Stop following the gurus who bang on about one diet. Start following the folks who give you permission to listen to your body.

And actually listen to it. 

Join me on The #paleovegan Project as I stride in to my 40's like a rockstar. And discover how you can listen to your body so you can make better choices.

And we'll leave the one-eyed gurus to fight it out themselves.

Namaste Bitches!

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