Drying Out (... and where did that 1.1kg go?)

It's Day 4 of The #veganpaleo Project and some nice changes are happening with my body already.

  • My nervous system feels more soothed
  • I've shed 1.1kg of fluid retention
  • I feel 'dryer'... less damp

Let me explain that last one. 

You know how you take an antihistamine, and within 20minutes you feel 'dried out'. Well, that's how I feel from head to toe. And it's a nice feeling. I never realised that I had a 'damp' issue.

As a Holistic & Diagnostic Nutritionist, I'm always exploring and investigating the worlds best kept secrets to health. I'm a long way off knowing everything, but I have learned a little about how our body can be overly damp, or overly dry. These are Eastern Medicine principles. I won't go into them too much, because I don't have enough knowledge yet to really educate you properly.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) - they call it a "phlegm, or damp type". And it's a sign that the body is out of balance. The dry type is also out of balance, so as I journey through my project, I'll be monitoring this, and making sure I don't stay too dry.

But lets just go back to the antihistamine thing I mentioned.

Interestingly, I actually get quite frequent histamine releases from food. I have a MTHR mutation which makes it hard for my body to methylate, and this increases my body histamine levels.

Histamine is part of the immune and inflammatory responses. And all this produces fluid retention, and a body that isn't functioning on all cylinders.

So I guess it makes sense, that I feel like I've had an antihistamine and feel 'dry'. The upside... is that it's natures antihistamine, so I'm alert - not drowsy.

I had always been taught (as you have) - Just Eat Real Food, and you'll be fine. But it seems that maybe some of that REAL food, was also keeping me inflamed.

Inflammation in the whole body (systemic inflammation) is not a good thing. It affects our cells, and over time can make them function abnormally. In fact, a lot of mental health issues are related to inflammation, and brain inflammation. I like calling it brainflammation! Inflammation is simply your body trying to heal itself, it's a normal process. But it's not normal when it's systemic, and constant every day. It's bad.

So, that's why I've also lost 1.1kg. It's not fat, it's fluid. For the first time in god knows how long, my body doesn't have to fight a war any more. And that's also why my nervous system feels soothed. I don't have mad panic attacks all day, but I usually have some degree of 'anxious edge'. For the past 2 days... I haven't had it!  Again, like I said, my body obviously doesn't have to go to war any more. It's in a state where the stress hormones can take a holiday.

It's still early days. But maybe, just maybe... meat and animal fats were stressing my body out in ways I hadn't realised. After all, I got sucked into the meat/fat paleo lie too. I had become blind to how I felt, because I was doing the so called "right" things.

Always listen to the body first. Always.

That pic is last nights dinner. I had baked kumara on Sunday, left in the skin. Then last night I sliced it in to "crostini" style slices, topped with homemade pesto and grilled until golden. With salad, topped with toasted sunflower seeds. I had to fight my boyfriend off from stealing it.

And if you're wondering - I'm eating the same calories as I always have. My fat intake is actually higher than normal right now (all plant fats), and my starchy/fruit carb intake is the same. The only difference is no meat, no animal fats.