Just Get On With It.

As I sit here eating my DELICIOUS seaweed Salad for breakfast (yes breakfast), I'm fuming. I'm ruminating on a topic that has grinded my gears for years! But today, I felt the need to include it in my blog. My hope... is that you - just get on with it.

Get on with what Stace?

Anything. Everything! The things you keep fucking around with, procrastinating on, being too scared to do, pretending to be overwhelmed by, things you say you're 'gonna'. Those things.

Today I got an email, long and short of it she's asking for 'external accountability'. Yesterday I got a message from a client who hadn't started on her plan yet, she hadn't yet gone and bought any scales, or at the very least tried to sit down and decide what to eat from her list, or even google a goddam recipe.

Ladies, if you're reading this, I'm not picking on you. But you are saying the same shit that I have heard for the past 10 years. So I am making an example of ANYONE who has ever said this. Not just you ok (so relax, I still love you as a person).

I also received a message from someone who couldn't commit to our bookings which were starting next week. Something something I have to pay $80,000 for my house I can't afford to sort my health out right now. *Cough* I'm sorry, but fuck, you mean you HAVE $80,000 sitting there? Just add an extra $480 to it, whats the big deal?

The big deal is no one wants to just get on with it.

  • Get on with googling a recipe. The internet has a gazillion more tasty food ideas than I do
  • Get on with being accountable to yourself. It's your body, not mine. I don't have to live in it.
  • Get on with buying a set of scales, it's a 10minute shopping trip - get it done.

Other things that might be fun to get on with, that folks complain about

  • Get on with leaving your shitty job
  • Get on with leaving your shitty marriage and creating what you say is a better life.
  • Get on with getting your ass to the gym
  • Get on with starting that business you say you're 'gonna' start
  • Get on with getting that tattoo
  • Get on with staring 'hard' in the face
  • Get on with breaking through comfort zones
  • Get on with taking that holiday

Get on with, is the antidote to "I'm gonna". Every time I hear the phrase gonna.. I want to scream into your face. Stop acting like you're 'gonna' have a tomorrow. 

Listen up. I use this example a lot, because it really affected me in deep ways. My Personal Trainer, (rest his soul), was FIT, HAPPY and he DIED. He died of liver cancer. But guess what. HEAR THIS. Even, on the final 2 weeks of his life, when he was gaunt and frail, do you wanna know what he was doing? He was ACTIONING his next trip. Not GONNA'ing. ACTION. He was, Just Getting On With It. Even though, deep down he knew it was lights out, he was taking action anyway. Even though, he knew there was ZERO chance of succeeding on THAT particular travel goal, he was doing it anyway. On the DAY he died, while he was doped up on morphine on his couch unable to speak or open his eyes, you could actually see he was still trying to get on with living. 

I'm sure you know someone who's died? How about you honour them? Stop acting like you're automatically entitled to tomorrow. Because you're not. None of us are. 

Yes, you are sensing a ranty pissed tone in this blog today. This dude died, and he taught me to get the fuck on with shit. And that's what I've been doing ever since. Right now, someone else very close to me is not getting on with his shit and it's impacting on my life. Not just my thoughts, but my actual life. 

Back to my PT. Since he died, I took a trip to LA in 2012, with fuck all money in the bank. In 2014 I paid $20,000 in mentoring and stayed in beautiful hotels and resorts in Australia 5x. I took a holiday to Bali in 2016, with no one to travel with, and shit scared of what it was going to be like. Oh yeah, I also took that trip right off the back of being 'let go' from another job I had (I'll tell you about that in a minute). When I came back, I couldn't pay my tax. But guess what... I just got on with making the $$ to pay the tax. And now, I just get on with putting money aside like a grown up, and I pay my tax a month before it's due.

In 2015/2016 I was very unwell. But I still launched a $2000 online program that changed the lives of those with Binge Eating Disorder in ways you will never imagine (unless you do the course). I became a recluse because I was so unwell. My mental health was the worse it had been ever in my whole life. But in 2016 I got off my ass and ran 240 outdoor bootcamp sessions. I just got on with getting myself back into the real world.

Some of you know, I started a new business last year. In less than 12 months, I've become one of the top Amazon copywriting/product optimisation specialists in the world. The world. How the hell did I do that? I just got on with it. (DIsclaimer: I have an advertising degree from 1998, and worked in radio ads from 1995 - 2003).

Before I became that good, I was a paid 'aspiring copywriter' (April-June 2016) - but the dude over committed himself financially and let 7 of us go. Wanna know what I did? I spent the afternoon grieving, and the next day... I just got on with my next action.

#paleovegan project point... I wasn't born knowing how to make vegan dips or spreads. I barely even have vegan clients. I didn't wait for someone to magically give me the answers - I just got on with finding them so I could get on with this project.

I'm not saying all this to make you feel bad. Because what you don't know about me is that I have anxiety and mild paranoia. Yes I'm paranoid right now that I think you're going to hate me for this blog. So what. I wrote it anyway. And I have lived with it my entire life. And here's a revelation for ya'll, I make LESS PERSONAL TAKE HOME INCOME than you. But when you get on with shit you make it work. Did you see the news the other day about that woman who saved $13,000 in 5 months so she could own a home. It was a great example of just getting on with it.

If you think YOU'RE scared of getting on with shit, spare a thought for those who are getting on with shit even though they are PARANOID... or even though they are DYING (my PT). Or even though they are POOR.

... And you couldn't even google recipes, buy a set of scales or add an extra $480 to $80k.

*mic drop*

P.S - I only work with 100% driven, committed individuals. I divide my time between coaching on Binge Eating Disorder, Amazon Research & Copywriting and creating informational e-books about various health topics. I also include Yoga, Gym, Cooking, playing with my new hobby business, lots of TV, and time with my partner.

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