Armpit Detoxing And OMG Turmeric Latte!

I haven't posted for a while on my #paleovegan project. Today, we're talking armpit detoxing and turmeric lattes.

But first, a catchup.

I was having a "must eat all the food in my house" budgeting week. So I decided to throw some beans/legumes into my diet that I had in the cupboard. BAD. IDEA. Now I remember why I chose paleovegan. Those beans made me fart like CRAZY. I got bloated, pissed off, ate god knows what else and gained a 2kg of fluid to go along with.

And then it all went downhill.

The inflammation, pissed off-ness and stress hormones just got the better of me.

It was also Easter, and I was at my partners' bach. The food was, let's say "kid friendly" - not inflamed Stacey friendly. Long story short, easter passed and I went bacon and egg crazy, ate my way through a week's worth of scones, drank instant coffee like it was going out of fashion.

And then I crashed, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

My body said to my brain...

... She doesn't love us anymore :( and my brain jumped on the self-loathing bandwagon.

Well, actually, systemic inflammation just makes the brain chemicals not as vibrant. Same thing, just on a physical level.

So, it's been a hard few weeks. I've gained 4kg in fluid (yerk), and I feel like a swollen dead buffalo. Over the weekend, I was mentally pulling my shit together, and last night (Sunday) I ate my first decent meal in a while.

#shithappens - just course correct and move on.

Today, I started my detox day with Bentonite Clay, and decided to try out this Turmeric Latte fad. OMG... As my friend Lisa from Rebellious Love Project says "It's like a cup of sunshine".

It sure is Lisa!

I used a loose version of her recipe: Coconut milk (2TBSP coconut cream + water), grated fresh turmeric, grated fresh ginger, 1 tsp powdered turmeric and 3 drops lemon essential oil.  

But there's another reason for the detox!

I've got this weird under arm rash - yerk, I know. It's not big, but it's not getting any better. It's itchy as all hell, but I've only scratched it one day. So over 30 days, that's good! 

I got some Hydrocortisone/ Antifungal cream from the doctor but it didn't work. So he suggested colloidal silver. My homeopath gave me a detox kit, some CRAZY expensive soap and I decided to try a bentonite clay mask... under my arms!

Turns out, armpit detoxing with Bentonite is a 'thing'. 

I mixed some bentonite clay with fresh aloe vera to make a detoxy / soothing paste. And then yesterday I got some tea tree oil to add to the concoction. Things are starting to happen. The rash has become pissed off big time! This is kinda good, in a weird way. Before, the rash was actually quite hidden, and the doc looked at me as if I was mad. Nope, the cortisone had decreased the redness... but the damn thing was still there underneath my skin like an insidious little gremlin.

Soooooo, it's possibly a deep fungal infection. GROSS!

And that my friends, is why I am doing a full body detox.

... Because fuck having fungus pits, dead buffalo bloating AND an inflamed brain. That's about as attractive as it gets.