Thanks for expressing an interest in Personal Training! Have a read of this information so you can see how I "do" PT with you! As a Holistically trained CHEK Exercise Coach all our PT is done using functional, metabolically stimulating exercise. What this means, is we make your exercise relevant to your health, fitness & weight loss goals but also your life!


I love working with committed individuals, so all PT packages are 8 weeks in duration. The price is $650 and can be paid over the 8-weeks. Once you've done 6 months (3x 8week PT packs) consistent PT with me, your 8-week package price drops to $480 as my way of rewarding you for your own commitment to your fitness. Your 8-week PT pack is 1x per week PT / Duration 60minutes + Exercise Program (updated every 8-weeks)


PT's are conducted in various locations including my home, where we have access to the awesome Gravity Machine (AKA the commercial version of Chuck Norris' Total Gym).

This location has been selected as it is central to parks, stairs and hills along with my full exercise equipment set up - which gives you greater variety than what you would find in a gym and more privacy if gyms are not your thing.

“Having struggled with my weight for years I turned to Stacey and have now lost 40kg. I’m now fitter and stronger as well as having a better understanding of my nutritional needs. I'm pretty sure Stace has never repeated the same PT session twice! She's creative and fun and a pain in the ass about making sure my technique is right ... but I love it" - Dean Kebbell.

How it works:

You turn up, we have a quick chat about the week, any injuries / poor sleep etc and then I create the PT session based on where your body is at, what the weather is up to - and even what you might want to do for the day (I'm happy to take requests if it's relevant to your goals).

  • Your first session will be a fitness/movement test kind of session along with some Q&A on your goals and any health concerns.
  • Your second session will be taking you through your results based exercise program (yes, you will be getting one of those!)
  • By the time we hit our third session, we're fully into it! 

My PT Personality

I don't wear a uniform (and sometimes even shoes) and I'm an extroverted introvert, which means I suck at cheerleader type motivation or barking orders at you. Don't worry, you'll be told that you've done a good job and encouraged to keep going - but this is NOT The Biggest Loser and it's not motivational fitspo meme-camp. I have a tendency to swear ... but not AT you ok. I'm just expressive and free with my language. You have to be ok with me being me, please don't ask me to change myself as I would never ask another human to change their personality to suit me.

Fitness Qualifications & Experience

  • Manager, Gym Instructor, Group Fitness - Configure Express (2007 - 2009)
  • Les Mills Program Delivery Module Completed
  • NCertFitness (Level 4 - Personal Trainer)
  • CHEK Exercise Coach
  • Gravity Foundation Trainer
  • Finalist - PT of the Year, NZ Fitness Awards 2012
  • Self-Employed Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor: 2008 - 2016
  • Bodybuilding Figure Competitor 2007 & 2008
  • Past / Present Interests: Crossfit, Kayaking, Pole Fitness, Mountain Biking, Hip Hop.