Fairy Raw Carrot & Chia Cake

carrot and chia cake

I had a big juice fest yesterday and I'm always left with carrot pulp which I feel guilty throwing away, so I invented this raw cake.  It's only "fairly raw", as I had to heat some of the ingredients so I could mix it. 

As with any of my cooking, I don't care for exact measurements or recipes, this one is no exception.

1 bag of sunflower seeds (300g I think)
1 bag of chia seeds (100g I think)
Handfuls of carrot pulp - around 2 cups I think
approximately half a cup of honey
250g almond butter
2tsp Vanilla Bean extract (or use fresh vanilla pods)
2tsp each of Ground Ginger, Mixed Spice & Cinnamon.

Roast off sunflower seeds, till just lightly golden.  Blend in a food processor to make a "meal", then add chia seeds and carrot pulp.  Blend.  In a saucepan, add Almond Butter, Honey, Vanilla extract and your spices, heat gently until it is quite liquid.  Add this to your blender and keep blending baby!

At this point, you can look at your mixture and decide if it needs more wet stuff, more carrot pulp or more seeds.  You can also have a play around and add Coconut Flour to dry it out a bit if you want.  I didn't, because it was too delicious for me to run the risk of killing it.

Then, place in a cake ring and pop in the fridge to set a little, cut into sensible slices.  This mixture should give you approximately 8-12 servings. 

I'll be serving this with coconut cream, being that I'm dairy free - you are more than welcome to add yoghurt or cream with yours, and it will taste divine.