What Is The Best Pea Protein Powder?

With many people suffering from intolerances, and gut issues, combined with a desire to find the 'cleanest' supplement, Pea Protein powder has become the go to over the last few years. And while people used to ask "What is the best protein powder", the common question is now, "What is the best PEA protein powder".

So, let's take a look at the list.

The first thing to note is what pea protein you have access to. That depends on location and budget, If your choices are limited, then my suggestion is that you swallow the 'open mind' pill, and just try it out. Be a good Food Freedom Body Warrior and just FEEL how your body responds to each one.

The second point to is whether you have trouble digesting beans and legumes. Peas are a legume! Some protein powders are made from fermented pea or sprouted pea which makes digestibility easier. You'll know if you have problems digesting legumes because you'll be one of those folks who gets bloated after eating beans and then starts farting a few hours later. But, that doesn't mean ALL pea proteins will affect you. You may be completely fine with the fermented or sprouted ones.

As a side note, when drinking shakes, try to make it a mindful meal (not a quick drink while doing something else). It will help you digest better and send the correct fullness signals to the brain.

My third point, before I give you my list of proteins, is performance. This article is not about whether the protein has been fortified with cysteine, or what it's ratio of amino acids are. If you are an actual athlete who has somehow stumbled on this page, you can stumble on outta here. The only dietary performance you need to concern yourself with is 1) Am I digesting it? and 2) What else am I eating on a daily basis to support my overall nutrient balance?

Finally, taste. Your taste buds are different to mine. 13 years ago I was eating 36 packs of sugar a day. Today I don't even flinch at drinking a glass of chlorella, clay, and charcoal. I used to enjoy Cookies and Cream Protein Powder, while these days, I don't give a shit how it tastes - so long as my tummy stays flat, and I stay nourished.

So with that being said, here's my Pea Protein list.

1) Nutra Organics Thriving Protein. This is my all time favorite! It's a bio-fermented pea protein that also has fermented sprout proteins and some other organic natural goodies. I love the taste of it, it mixes well and it's nice and digestible on my gut.

2) Lately, I've been using Amazonia RAW. It's similar to the Nutra Organics. The price per serving is approximately the same. Although this one comes in a 1kg and 500g tub. I liked the taste of this one, but not as much as #1.

3) I sourced a cheap 2 for 1 special last year on Douglas Labs pea protein. It's chocolate almond. And while this flavor is nice, I can't handle two entire tubs of it back to back. I only got it because of the deal. However, I will be buying it again. I found it to mix really well and it digests great. It's got a few additional amino acid bells and whistles in it to assist the body.

4) Clean Lean Protein is the most popular brand out there - it's had quite a bit of marketing behind it. I used it for a couple of years and liked it. But then I got sick of it. I think I ruined myself by blending it in a daily smoothie that I came to loathe. BUT you should try it, and don't make the mistake I did by creating the worlds worst (but healthiest) shake with it. You can buy little sachets of it - great for the non-commitment type!

5) Lifestream do a protein called Essential Protein - this is a pea protein combined with chia and rice protein.  I've not tried it. But I did try their Essential Protein with algal protein. I tried a small sample container once and I really liked it. So I'm anticipating the pea protein will be the same.

Before you email me and ask if I have tried xyz, the answer is no. If it's not on this list, I haven't tried it, and I don't have an opinion. To find the proteins I have mentioned you can shop online (just google the name and find an online seller), or visit your nearest health food shops. Village Organics in Hamilton, and Bin Inn Hamilton East often have a good selection.