Cashew and Banana Nut Butter

I'm not going to claim to be an expert in making nut butter, and I won't hide the fact that I almost threw my food processor through the window, nor that I blew the oven fuse because it took so freaking long.

But boy did the end product taste amazing!  And as it was blending the smell coming out of the food processor was that of a fresh, warm banana cake...scroll right down for my recipe.

Ok, so to make general nut butter you basically stick 2 cups of nuts into the blender and hit go.
It will climb the sides
It will sit under the blade
and you will keep attending to it with a knife (switching food processor off as you go ...)
you will keep doing this
and on
and on
it will look like crumbs
you will be tempted to add fluids
just be patient and keep on blending and scraping the sides.

I had to add some oil....I persevered, but after 15 minutes, blowing a fuse and my 200th scrape of the bowl, I gave into adding the oil that the internet had sternly told me not to use.

]To make my Cashew Banana Nut Butter you do the following:

2 cups cashews
1tsp banana essence
5 dried bananas (not banana chips..use dried ones)
Keep on blending as per previous instructions or until every appliance in your house blows up.

I'm going to add a tad more oil to this next time, as you can see in the pic, it looks a little dry, but tasted like heaven.