Banana Black Rice & Salted Coconut Cream

Banana Black Rice & Salted Coconut Cream Recipe

My brother and I visited Chinoiserie Bar & Eatery in Mt Albert a few weeks ago and I had the Banana Black Rice with Salted Coconut Cream.  Being a freestyle cook, I figured I could make this really easily.  

Long story short - I did, and here's how I did it.  

Whether this is the exact method from Chinoiserie or not I have no idea.  It tasted the same.

and being a freestyle cook, as per usual I cannot remember exact measurements ... I do know I used too much salt - so I'll write this recipe out so that you don't.  Cos I love you n' all.

Right.  Come on memory, what did you do?

Boil up 1/2 cup black rice and leave to simmer.  Black rice takes a long time to cook so don't go rushing into this, let that sucker simmer on a nice low heat with enough water.  The trick, is to be using JUST enough water so that things go nice and thick right at the end of cooking.  I didn't quite perfect it ... but was pretty close.

When you feel you're about 5mins away from cooking grab 2 bananas, preferably over-ripe and mash the hell outta them, add them to your pot of rice and keep mashing and stirring so you don't have banana lumps in there.  Putting the effort in is worth it.  This should simmer all of the water out so you're left with a sticky, ricey, banana-rey pudding.

NO SUGAR!!  :) You do not need sugar to sweeten this, don't even tempt it, it will be gross.

So that's the Banana Black rice bit, pretty easy.

Pour a tin of coconut cream into a pot and gently bring to the boil (it will happen quickly, so no painting nails while you wait).  Add the tiniest pinch of salt, less than 1/4 tsp.  OK, so this is where I went a bit gung-ho.  I say start with 1/8th tsp, or the smallest pinch ... dip your finger in and taste, add more if you need to.  PLUS add 1/2-1 tsp ground vanilla pods.  You can try liquid essence, I don't know what the flavour will be like, but I'm sure it will be just as good.  Once it's gently boiled, you're done.

At Chinoiserie their dish had a lovely caramel undertone to the coconut cream - if anyone knows how I can re-create that flavour ... comment below!

Chop up 3-4 lychees and add to your dish - anywhere you like.  I did a layer of rice, then a layer of lychees and poured a little coconut cream over.  Add however much of each component you like - listen to YOUR tastebuds and what they prefer!  But of course, be discerning with your portions.