Cacao/Apple Smoothie

I couldn't really taste the apple in this, but it didn't bother me...all I was looking for was some sort of fruit because I'd run out of bananas and berries and just happened to find an apple that was about a million days old...still was in perfect shape though!

Smoothie today was 1 apple, chopped up, 1 massive handful of baby spinach, 1 serving of Clean Lean Protein powder, a small handful of cacao nibs, 4 TBSP cacao powder and 2 TBSP maple syrup and distilled water.  I make my smoothies really thick, so if you're struggling with your smoothie, then alter the liquid amount to get it to exactly how you like it.

P.S, I didn't use these manky green apples in the background of this pic.  I'm more of a Pacific Rose / NZ Rose kinda gal