Chocolate Brownie with Creamy Chocolate Frosting

chocolate brownie

This recipe is High protein, low carb, soy/dairy/gluten free and pretty much meets the requirements for anyone on a raw food eating program.

Make your brownie by mixing together 2TBSP coconut flour, 1-2 tsp honey, 2-3 TBSP water and 1-2TBSP cocoa powder.  Mix up and pan fry in a non stick pan (or 1tsp of oil) on both sides until the outsides have just gone brown (be careful not to overcook it) - this only takes a minute tops.

Make your Creamy Chocolate Frosting by mixing together 1 serve of Chocolate Clean Lean Protein powder with 2TBSP coconut cream and 1-2TBSP cold water.  Pop on top of the brownie and enjoy :-)

318 cals / 23g protein / 14g fat / 23g carbs / 16% of RDI for energy (based on a 2000 cal diet)

If calories aren't a concern to you (and why should they be when this is soooooo good for you), then feel free to add some almond butter and a bit of coconut cream into your brownie mix.

Yesterday I made this again, but topped it with Creamy Cappucino flavoured Clean Lean Protein and some chopped banana - YUM!!!