Smokey Sausage Salad

smokey sausage salad

I get my sausages from Elite Meats in  Hamilton, NZ.  They're called Plain Beef Wors, and they are completely crap free.  No ground up bits of feet and no additives.

I boiled 2 sausages up because I wanted to chop them into pieces before I added my flavour.

After they were precooked, I cut them into bite sized chunks and panfried them in coconut oil, salt and a liberal amount Greggs Smoked Paprika.... don't be stingy on the smoked paprika, seriously.

After they were nice and golden red coloured I popped them into my lettuce, alfalfa, red pepper and spring onion salad.  I always dress my salad with a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar to give it a kick.