Smokin' Red Sauce

smokin red sauce

As a freestyle cook one of the greatest joys of my week is to take nothing and turn it into something.  And this week, I'm sharing my nothing into something with you!

I was given about a million tomatoes last week.  I don't really eat tomatoes.  I like them, but they're not my preferred item to put in a salad.  So here I was with all these tomatoes and the prospect of either wasting them or spending weeks on end eating salads that wouldn't satisfy my tastebuds.  

So I turned them into a Smokey Red Tomato Sauce.


A million tomatoes (just kidding, it was about 10)
1/2 jar of sundried tomatoes that had been in the fridge forever
2 pottles (150g each) tomato paste
salt and hickory smoke liquid to taste.

In a pot, I added all the tomatoes (quartered) the tomato paste, sundried tomatoes (minus the oil) and put a lid on it to boil.  I then left it to simmer over the next 3 hours, with the lid off to reduce some of the water and just kept adding little bits of salt and hickory smoke liquid to taste along the way.  The Hickory Smoke liquid loses its smokeyness through cooking, so I added about 1TBSP at 3 intervals, BUT I kept tasting it to make sure it was perfect.  You can use whatever smokey thing you like.  My friend suggested Chipotle, which is smoke dried jalapenos.  Maybe next time huh.

After cooking, I let it cool a bit and then blended it to make it smoothe


Smokey goodness.  Tonight I'm going to have it over lamb mince and roast vege salad, with a spinach salad on the side. Minus any tomatoes ;)

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