Nutritional Triggers Of Anxiety

Nutritional Triggers Of Anxiety


Did you know that many people experience anxiety from certain types of food? Our body brings on feelings of worry or fear and then our brain tries to decide what it's supposed to be worried about! 

Next thing you know - you're in a thought trap of anxiety, and it feels like your whole world is crashing down around you.

In Nutritional Triggers Of Anxiety, we look at the 8 main nutritional causes that can create feelings of anxiety. Many will surprise you. You'll discover what they are, how to test for them and easy to follow remedies.

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What Customers Are Saying:

In 2015 Stacey presented a sell out workshop covering the latest holistic knowledge and science around anxiety. From Nutritional triggers, to Biochemical and Mental/Emotional - no stone was left unturned. And now, this knowledge has been transformed into a series of informative e-books. Including new cutting edge information. It's the relief you've been searching for. 

Hi Stacey, I came to your [anxiety] workshop on Friday night. Just want to say thank you, I found it really interesting. I already knew a bit through psychologists and counsellors etc but definitely learnt some new things and some new paths to explore. - Anonymity Protected.
Hi Stacey, Hey thanks so much for putting on a workshop like you did this evening and for a cost that's manageable too for participants. Both my dad and myself have come away with great food for thought and we had good positive conversation around the points, after we left. – Leesa.
Hi Stacey, Thank you very much for the workshop you presented last night. I have so much respect for you for you passion about supporting others through their journey with anxiety with your wide reaching, holistic knowledge, and that you are willing to put yourself out there in a room full of strangers for this purpose despite your own anxiety, AND that you didn't try to pretend that you weren't feeling anxious!! Thank you :) - Kathryn

About The Triggers Of Anxiety Series

We all agree... Anxiety sucks! One minute we might be feeling fine, happy, calm and relaxed - and the next minute we experience feelings of dread, doom, worry, fear or nervousness. Or maybe, it's not minute to minute - for you, it may be all day long.

You may have tried medication, meditation and therapy. You may even be getting some relief. But you want real answers. Why is this even happening in the first place, and what can you do naturally to bring peace to your life again.

Nutritional Triggers Of Anxiety explores the 8 main food triggers that can bring on feelings of anxiety, panic or nervousness. Some common, some not. Many of our worrying thoughts are in fact triggered by foods, which our brain then tries to attach meaning too. For many people, removing the food trigger - removes the entire mental worry!

Biochemical Triggers Of Anxiety looks at various body dysfunctions that drive chemical reactions of anxiety. This guide will walk you through both common and complicated issues - including our hormones, brain chemicals and our gut. And give you practical steps you can take to start bringing back balance. 

Mental/Emotional Triggers Of Anxiety uncovers many of your deepest fears and worries. You'll gain a deep insight into what's creating your anxiety. And you'll be given exercises and tools to help you turn the noise down on those issues. You'll solve problems easier, and be able to let go of things causing you anxiety so you can experience a healthy life.