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If you've arrived at this site, there's a good chance you found me through my "old" life as a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Binge Eating Coach and as "The Body Detective". I'm not that now. I'm much more.

And you... you, are much more too.

I'll be updating this page to reflect this change, but for now, I understand most of my visitors have found through weight loss and health searches. So this is just a courteous note (Sept 1st 2018) to let you know what to expect from me, now.

And if you're new to my site and not from health and fitness search (maybe you found me through my Instagram page, Facebook or my copywriting business), make no mistake, this is the ass-kicking, smack-down, level-up site you were looking for today. Welcome!

So look, here's the deal. I'm not interested in telling you what to eat, how to eat and how to break a goddam sweat any more. And I'm really not interested in telling you how many goddam glasses of water to drink. That shit's fucking old, ok? 

The truth is, you already know what to do (for your body, and your life)

But the question is... why aren't you doing it?

Is it self-trust?


Self-motivation? Self-drive? Self-respect?

Is it all the excuses you keep making?

... Maybe, just maybe it's the hidden beliefs you don't even know you have.

Like... "Nothing ever works"

"I'll always be a failure"

"I don't have time"... "I've got kids" ... "I'm too this... too that"

or some other bullshit story that you keep stuck on repeat to keep you "safe".

The fact is, I've moved on from teaching you what to eat. 

... And you get the chance to move on too (if you want, and if you don't - that's ok too, I can't force you to grow into a greater version of you).

But here's the deal.

I'm not health and fitness coaching any more.

I'm here to wake you up to what you don't know.

I'm not selling you anything here (trust me, I have another business I'm very satisfied with, and I don't need to sell you anything at all)

I'm here to help you understand the things you MUST know to get what you want.

The body

The money

The relationship

The freedom

The peace and contentment

The freedom

The success

The whatever the fuck you want!

It's all the same thing. When you finally understand the core principles of success you get to apply them to all areas of life. Nothing gets left behind. You get to have what you want, when you want.

This is the stuff of sages, muses, and wisemen.

The principles of life, energy and success.

And if my old health and fitness viewers are still reading, this is the stuff that finally makes you stick to healthy eating and consistent exercise.

And for those in business, or just looking for a hand-up in life... this is the stuff that finally sets you free from your old self, so you can finally be and have what it is you say you want. 

I'm known as no-nonsense, and savageAF. I don't mince words. I don't need to.

And if you can handle it, I'll be your greatest gift.

Are you ready?