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Known for being “SavageAF” “The Minority” “Knowitall”, “A Robot” and “Talented Beyond Belief” Stacey Hancock is one of the top Amazon Copywriters alive today. But this site isn’t about all that. Because this “Crazy Cat Lady” desired a side project outside of the world of copywriting. And so, Musing by Stacey was born.

From Binge Eating Disorder to Bodybuilding… Business Building to Business Breaking… Breakdowns to Breakthroughs and any other B-Word you can think of, plus finding love and actually keeping it for once in her life, Stacey has an uncanny ability to grab her introverted life by the balls, stare in the face of her own fears, and do anything she puts her mind to. And now, she wants to share her 41 years of wisdom with anyone who is feeling stuck, frustrated or lost in their own lives.

… or, for anyone who just needs a SavageAF kick up the ass, with love, xo.